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The Second Occasionally Annual Bastille Day Sale Is Here!

Bastille Day is upon us again! We here at Undertone Sound Library would like to celebrate by offering 25% off EVERYTHING in our store! Just enter promo code bastille at checkout! PLUS we provided a Free Sample Pack – available for a limited time! Both the discount and the Free Pack will be retired July 21! […]


We’ve just released nearly 100 sounds of an outboard motorboat recorded on a hot summer day in 2004.  Starts, idle, driving, maneuvering, stops, rocking, bobbing and tons of “over-the-side” POV for water and wave movement sounds.  We also purposely recorded the sound of running out of gas and not being able to start from several perspectives.  […]

Bastille Day Sale!

We’re celebrating Bastille Day!! Why? We’re not French. We’re not even European. But we love the French and it’s fun to celebrate any holiday, so, hey, why not?!?! That’s why we’re announcing the FIRST EVER Occasionally Annual Undertone Library Bastille Day Sale. We’re inviting you to storm this BASTEAL of a Deal which will last for […]