2. Sips, Pours, & Set-Downs



A huge library of a variety of cups, bottles, glasses, mugs, steins, growlers, stemware, styrofoam and paper cups, low balls, high balls, shot glasses, snifters, sips, drinks, swigs, slurps, glugs, pours, dumps, drips, set-downs, slides, slams, pick-ups and more!

With 300+ files, and a run time of over an hour and a half, this package has you covered for a wide array of human interactions with liquid and their containers.
We used multiple containers, multiple liquids (including beer!), on and off multiple surfaces to ensure a practical and highly useful package that is well labeled for easy searches!

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.

Format: 24/48kHz

Mics: Some files were recorded close and far but most are mono recordings


Check out this PDF for more details:
Sips, Pours, & Set-Downs

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Single or Combo

Sips, Pours, & Set-Downs – $75, Sips, Pours, & Set-Downs + Cooking & Food Prep (Combo Package) – $225