1. Prairies and Small Forests 1



This is a small collection of a unique area in Western Minnesota that has a small prairie containing a small forest surrounding it.  The land is a nature reserve and therefore fairly wild.  It is, however, surrounded by cornfields and cow pastures so you will hear the occasional distant cow.  The prairie grasses and plants are abundant as is the insect and bird life.  In fact, hot late summer days on the prairie often sound like night with their thick bed of crickets.  But all these recordings happened in the middle of the afternoon.

We went there twice, once on a hot day in September, and again, 2 years later on a chilly early spring day in March and recorded in the exact same places.  In June of 2015 we went there a 3rd time and recorded in QUAD!  Prairies and Small Forests 2  Everything was recorded with the Sennheiser MKH 30/40 MS combo and was decoded (and printed XY) in post so no need to do anything to these files or worry about Dolby decoders.  All we did was edit out slates, human movement, airplanes and such, otherwise the recordings are natural and un-layered.

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.

•    Recorder used: Sound Devices 702.
•    Format: 24/48kHz
•    Mics used:
•    Sennheiser MKH 30/40 MS Combo (already decoded)

Check out this PDF for details:

Prairies and Small Forests