1. Outboard Motorboat 01



For an animated film we were working on we needed custom motor boat sounds.  We needed not only starts, idles, driving, maneuvering, but we needed to run out of gas, climb into and out of the boat, splash in the water, and explore whatever else we could find.  So one summer day in 2004 I trekked out with my Schoeps CMC6|MK4/MK8 MS Rig and Porta DAT to a lake in Northwest Wisconsin.  But I never thought I would release it as a library many years later, unthinkingly, I failed to document what brand of boat, brand of motor or anything and now the details escape me.  What I can say is : it was late 90’s era outboard motor boat powerful enough to pull water skiers, constructed of fiberglass, and was about medium size to comfortably accommodate 4 or more people.

You’ll hear the typical starts, stops, revs, maneuvering, idles, slow, fast, medium, motor detail, in-boat detail, and many long runs of the boat where I explored various aspects of the boat.  Many takes have POV’s of the floor, the inside walls, even hanging over the front, sides, and back as it skimmed across the lake. This means you’ll get a lot of recordings of water spray, the boat cutting though water, and the waves and wake of the boat with very little motor sound. There’s also several recording from different POV’s of (purposely) running out of gas! Also included in this library is bobbing in the water with engine off, lake and dock ambience, dock wheels, the boat driving away from the perspective of the dock, seats, movement, and many other great sounds.  This is a really nice comprehensive workup on an typical American motor boat. There’s close to 100 sounds in this library!

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.

  • Recorder used: Tascam Porta DAT with Sound Devices MP-2 MicPres in front
  • Format: 24/48kHz stereo
  • Mics used:
        • Schoeps CMC6|MK4/MK8 MS Stereo (already decoded with SD MP-2 to XY)

Check out this PDF for more information:

Outboard Motorboat 01