2. Classic Cars



This is a small collection of 3 unique cars from the late 30’s all in good working order.  The tailpipes sounds were deep and throaty; the engines were whirry and whiney; and the horns were appropriately honky.  There is also a distinct “tin box” sounds to most vehicles of this era.

The sounds are limited as we had a very short time to record 3 cars for a only couple of shots in a film we were working on.  This is not a comprehensive work-up of the vehicles.  Also, all the movement was on gravel, which again, was a requirement for our film.  Yet there are some really useful sounds here: starts, idles, reverse, forward, abrupt stops, along with horns, doors, trunks and hoods.  We priced it appropriately, but for the right piece, this package may be just the ticket!

Cars Included:
1939 Cadillac
1939 Chevy
1939 Chrysler

*Bonus Door Opens and Closes*
1959 Plymouth
1954 Ford Victoria
1956 Oldsmobile
1960 Lincoln Continental
1964 AMC Rambler
2007 Dodge Ram

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.

  • Recorder used: Sound Devices 744.
  • Format: 24/48kHz
  • Mics used:
    • Heil PR 35 (engine)
    • Sennheiser MKE2 (tailpipe)
    • 2 x CMC6|MK4’s (external)

Check out this PDF for details:

Classic Cars