3. ’60s Era Chrysler Town & Country Station Wagon



We recorded this interesting vehicle for an animated film. We needed the sound of a BIG V8 engine, but it also needed to sound Rock ‘n Roll!, not suped up. The kind of big vehicle a rock band might tour in. After searching for many months we found an opportunity to spend half a day doing a(n) (almost) complete work up.  It was never planned to record this for a library release, so we got what we needed.

Two things that proved impossible on the day we recorded were driving at speeds over 65 miles an hour and getting clean external drive-by’s on the highway in sync with the on-board recorders. It wasn’t that we couldn’t technically pull it off, it was that the stretch of highway we thought would be open was a detour for a larger highway and the road was jammed during our limited record time. There are some good slow to medium speed pull ups, drive-aways and pass-bys where the internal and external rigs were synched. As an added value, we’ve included the highway pass-by’s of other vehicles, including a great Semi horn honk and pass-by, as separate files in case you need a few extra of those.  And, we do have 2 really good external recordings (only)  of this guy rollin’ by at about 55 mph that we’ve included.  Lastly, there are a couple of bonus tracks that were the exterior mics only.  There’s 44 files of sounds here.

We still feel this library is worth releasing and using — heck, we’ve used it twice! There’s a lot of great moments and plenty of coverage. It’s priced accordingly.

Comprehensive Metadata embedded for great Soundminer integration.

  • Recorder used: Sound Devices 744 & 702.
  • Format: 24/48kHz
  • Mics used:
    • Heil PR 35 (engine)
    • Sennheiser MKE2 (tailpipe)
    • Sennheiser MKH 30/40 MS (already decoded and printed XY)
    • Schoeps CMIT5U (external)
    • CMC6|MK4 (external)


Check out this PDF for more details!

60’s Era Chrysler Town & Country Station Wagon