8. A Prairie Wind Companion



We wanted to capture the prairie during the day before all the grasshoppers and crickets were out — sparse, open, and quiet. Instead, what we found were two VERY windy days in early spring. Wind gusts of 20-40 MPH.

So now we have a Companion Pack to our previously released Grassland Prairies. Hear the tall grass whip and swish against a sparse background. Stretches of open quiet breezes.  Clusters of violent gusts. Winds punctuated by heavy bursts. Occasionally you’ll hear a solitary bird song, as well as a special moment of two hawks tussling and diving in the whipping wind, their wings cutting the air right above the microphones and their companion birds cheering them on.

All sounds captured in 24/96 double-ORTF QUAD!

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.

Recorder used: Sound Devices 744T
Format: 24/96kHz Double-ORTF (QUAD) –OR– 24/48kHz (Stereo) if you chose.
Mics used:
• 4 x Schoeps CMC6|MK4

Be sure to listen closely to the end of this demo for the hawks.

Check out this PDF for details:

A Prairie Wind Companion