7. Grassland Prairies (Stereo or QUAD)



Wide open Grassland Prairie sounds captured in 24/96 double-ORTF QUAD!

We’ve gone looking for more wide open places with sparse life.  As a Supervising Sound Editor, I appreciate that because I can add life where necessary.  But if you listen closely, these places are still teaming with life.  Grass blowing, crickets, bird songs, bird calls.  A small but high-quality collection of recordings on a HOT day in August of 2015 in Southern Minnesota. This is a great complement to the Prairies and Small Forests 1&2!

We will be adding complementary collections to our Prairie libraries covering various times of year, but we wanted to get this great little package out there.

Check out the one minute demo below.

Check out this PDF for details:

Grassland Prairies