3. Prairies & Small Forests 2 (Stereo or QUAD)


I feel like I’m sitting there!  When the bee flys from left to right, the imaging and detail is fantastic.  Love it.

-Doug Paterson



We’re back!  Same place, different time of year.  This time, early June on a HOT 80º F day.  This is one of our favorite places for the symphony of crickets, cicadas, dragonflies, rodents, birds, grass, and wind. It is not only fairly remote, it has a great variety of landscape in a small area. But this time we recorded in 24/96 double-ORTF QUAD for a complete surround sound experience. There are only 10 tracks, but they contain over an hour and twenty minutes of ambient sounds.  This is a beautiful collection of long stretches of prairie grass life just in front of a small forest. This area in Western MN (a couple hours from the South Dakota border) is a designated Science and Nature Area so everything you hear is natural and indigenous!

You will hear great stretches of crickets and breeze punctuated by cicadas and the occasional bird.  In some segments, the variety of bird songs is astonishing, there’s even a Pileated Woodpecker song. In some segments you will hear wind through the grass and pine trees, while in others, strong wind through the deciduous part of the forest.  At at the end of this hot day, the wind picks up, and a summer storm starts to roll across the prairie.

Most of the takes are at least 5 minutes and many are 8-12-18 minutes long.  We’ve decided to give you the full (cleaned up) takes.  So while the files are few in number (10) they are rich in content and length.

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.

Recorder used: Sound Devices 744T
Format: 24/96kHz Double-ORTF (QUAD) –OR– 24/48kHz (Stereo)
Mics used:
• 4 x Schoeps CMC6|MK4

Check out this PDF for details:

Prairies and Small Forests 2

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24/96kHz (Quad), 24/48kHz (Stereo)