1. Drones 1


I love the Drones!!  They are insanely beautiful.
-Tom Eaton


Dark blues, blacks, underwater-like sounds, distant banging, and forebodingly slow movement.

Inspired by Alan Splet and Ann Kroeber and their Surrealistic Atmospheres for David Lynch films, I created these surrealistic drones and industrial ambiences for use in film projects.  I was looking for dark, mysterious and gigantically deep tones that had slow movements.  They can be used as beds or as principle atmospheres.  They’re great for horror films, thrillers or dramas where a dark and deep tonality is needed.

Over 60 files and a running time of over 3 and a half hours!

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded

Format: 24/96kHz WAVE



Check out this PDF for details:

Drones 1