1. Cooking & Food Prep



An insanely gargantuan library of sizzles (and other things).

Stirs, Scrapes, Whisking, Slides, Set downs, Pick ups, Spins, Rocking, Pours, Shaking, Grabs, Sifting, Dumps, Swirls, Peeling & scoring, Cutting, Slicing, Dicing, Chopping, Dropping, Hits, Taps, Lifts, Sizzles, Boiling, Slaps, Cracking, Opening & closing, Tossing, Turning on & off, Grating, Mincing, Pounding, Rubbing, Shredding, Bites, Buttering, Spreading, Tearing & ripping, Squishes, Crushing, Digging, Sprinkled, Drips/dripped, Drizzling, Kneading, Rolling, Throws, Flipping, Shuffling, Stabbing, Scooping, Slurping, Wiping, Squirting, Mixing, Brushing, Dumps, Screwing & unscrewing, Clinking, Ladling, Mashing, Turning, Crushing, Crunching, Crinkling, Topping, Thumping, Spooning, Removing, Placing, Wrapping, Pushing, et alia…


All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.

Format: 24/48kHz (primarily mono recordings)

Check out this PDF for details:

Cooking & Food Prep

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Cooking & Food Prep – $200, Cooking & Food Prep + Sips, Pours, & Set-Downs (Combo Package) – $225