Lisbon has hit the streets!

In 2007 I was lucky enough to have some free time in Lisbon, Portugal. Being in the center of the city, Bairro Alto, I had access to busy streets, restaurants, bars, parks and trains.  One of my favorite recordings was while taking a break I sat at a park table with my gear and 4 men […]

Northwoods Cabin

This a small collection of outdoor ambiences around 2 different cabins in different types of forests in Northern Wisconsin.  We covered both daytime and nighttime and in one case, got up at the crack of dawn — 5AM! — to record.  Most of the recordings are fairly sparse, but the dawn recording is quite busy. There’s a […]

Young Forest in Spring

Here’s another ambience package we recorded at a fairly young forest in spring time. The trees were just beginning to bud, and the bird and insect chatter is minimal. This is a great package to layer with other “life” sounds, as it’s a good base of wind sound. Towards the end of the day, we did […]

’60s Era Chrysler Town & Country Station Wagon

We’re back with another vehicle to add to the mix! This is the ’60s Era Chrysler Town & Country Station Wagon. We mic-ed up the engine, the tailpipe, interiors, and exteriors. It was a little tough getting a clean highway pass-by without other traffic, so we added a “pass-bys” segment – maybe you’re sick of using the […]


We’ve just released nearly 100 sounds of an outboard motorboat recorded on a hot summer day in 2004.  Starts, idle, driving, maneuvering, stops, rocking, bobbing and tons of “over-the-side” POV for water and wave movement sounds.  We also purposely recorded the sound of running out of gas and not being able to start from several perspectives.  […]

Bastille Day Sale!

We’re celebrating Bastille Day!! Why? We’re not French. We’re not even European. But we love the French and it’s fun to celebrate any holiday, so, hey, why not?!?! That’s why we’re announcing the FIRST EVER Occasionally Annual Undertone Library Bastille Day Sale. We’re inviting you to storm this BASTEAL of a Deal which will last for […]


Wood Doors

Hey Everyone! We’ve been methodically going through our sounds, cleaning them up and making them sound great!  Recently we just finished prepping the files for our Wood Door Collection.  The recordings were always made for specific films we were working on and our desire to eschew the canned sound of the commercial libraries.  We want each […]


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