New Sound Library “DRONES 1” Now Available!

This pack of over 60 surrealistic drones and industrial ambiences may be just what you need to add that eerie tone to your project. Inspired by the work of Alan Splet and Ann Kroeber, who worked David Lynch’s films, this pack has gigantically deep tones with slow movements – perfect for horror films, thrillers or dramas. A running time of over […]

Now Available: Quad Combo Pack

If you’re just starting to build your sound effects library, or if you want to add some fresh ambience recordings, then check out the Quad Combo Pack. We combined all of our 4 QUAD Ambience libraries into one special package deal. Priced at 5, you’ll save (~30%) off of purchasing these libraries individually. * Libraries included are Prairies and […]

New Sound Library “Grassland Prairies” Now Available!

This is a collection of recordings captured in the middle of a vast grassland prairie in Southern Minnesota on a very hot August day in 2015. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the wind blowing through the tall grass, a cacophony of insects buzzing and chirping, and the occasional bird song. Great for backgrounds.  Great for […]

Celebrate The Winter Solstice with a site-wide Sale!

From December 21st thru December 31st we are having a site-wide discount of 25% off ALL libraries. Ambiences, Car Sounds, Food & Prep Sounds, Gadget Sounds, Boat Sounds. ALL on sale. Use Promo code: wintersolstice But hurry, this sale will end at the end of 2015 and we don’t have sales very often.

New “RINGTONES” Sound Package Released!

This is a collection of custom made ringtones for cell phone scenes. This package includes the original sound files as well as “futzed” files to sound like they are coming through the phone’s earpiece. This package is available for only $20! Check out the page for more details and a demo. 2. Ringtones

New “Switches & Clicks” Sound Package!

“Switches & Clicks” is a collection of everything we could find at the studio and in our foley bins (plus some stuff in the field) that clicks and snaps. This package is incredibly useful to editors, as it will provide a sweetener for all the common clicks we encounter day to day – such as […]

New “Sips, Pours, & Set-Downs” Package Released!

Thirsty?! This package has all you need for sipping and slurping, setting-down & picking-up, pouring and more. From pitchers to kegs. Shot glasses to growlers, we’ve created a practical and damn useful package that is well labeled and easy to use! You can purchase this package alone for $75, or with its companion “Cooking & Food […]

New “Winter Forest” Package Released!

It was cold, but we did it! Because we are based out of Minneapolis, MN, we are no stranger to frigid temperatures and heavy snowfalls so we used this to our advantage!  Originally recorded for a Feature Film out of Holland, we’re offering them up to you now. “Winter Forest” is a package of 3 different frozen locations […]

MASSIVE cooking library released!

A GIGUNDA Cooking library with over 1400 files totaling close to 9 hours recorded over the course of 7 years. For those of you who work on cooking shows, dump ‘n stirs, or just have a cooking segment in a TV show or film, this is for you! Every kind of cutting, chopping, dumping, pouring, stirring, whisking, tapping, […]

Commmercial Bakery_PRODUCT_IMAGE

Commercial Bakery Library Released!

We had the opportunity to record in a commercial baking facility on the weekend with no one around.  Gigantic food conveyors, Industrial Mixers, Commercial Cookie Cutters, Walk-in Ovens, Electric Fork-lifts and more! This is an unusual library, but would be great for any large commercial kitchen sound editing.  Also, these sounds are so unusual and huge […]