Sony D100

For years I have been relying on my trusty Sound Devices 702 and Schoeps CMC6/MK4 or Sound Devices 744T/SD 552 and 4 x Schoeps CMC6/MK4 combos for the bulk of my field recording. For vehicles and specialized sounds, I have added SM57’s, Heil PR35, MKE2, Senn MKH 30/40 MS, and others depending on the task. For stealth recording, we’ve relied on the SD 702 & DPA 4061 combo to great effect.  The bulk of our libraries were recorded this way. And I plan to continue this M.O. far into the future.  But like so many of you, I wanted a quick, “pull out of your bag and record” solution. With interest I read blog and forum posts about the best units. I believe in fitting into a budget, but when I buy key gear, I buy the best so I am only buying once and enjoying the results for many years.

Perhaps there could be some debate, but the consistent winner seemed to be the Sony units. I finally picked up a D100 for a trip to Austria. I wanted to record the airplane ride, the airports, and ambience from my trip. This is not the place to debate this, and I am certainly not in possession of all the facts, but as far as I know, airports are public places regulated by Governments and Government agencies. You are allowed to record audio, but you may be stopped and asked what you are doing. Whatever the case, I decided to go rather stealth with the Sony unit — with my knapsack, this was fairly easy. Besides, I didn’t want dopes coming up and asking, “Hey, whatcha doin’?”.

I think the results are excellent and I will continue to carry around my Sony PCM D100, but when time permits, I will use the bigger rig while not ruling out using the Sony unit in combo for larger recording excursions.

Happy Listening!