Massive Sound Library Addition!

Seven New Libraries!

After a long time working on many films, Undertone Sound Library is happy to refresh our dormant web shop and proud to present our latest collection of sound libraries.

Midwestern City: We got on the street and and into the alleyways. Rooftops. Parks. We even included some recordings of the city in the winter.


Midwestern Small Town: We ventured out to a couple small towns in the midwest to capture the essence of small town USA!


Wood Doors Two: We expanded upon our collection of doors. A companion collection of wood door sounds from old and new houses.


Metal and Glass Doors: A collection of metal and glass door sounds.


Chicago Cop Car: Nothing but the best from the boys in blue.


Chicago Elevated Train: The infamous “El Train”


Industrial Ambience: A fantastic collection of rural and city ambiences near plants, factories, wind farms and in large shipping harbors.

 As always, we optimize all files for Soundminer integration with comprehensive metadata embedded.

Each one of these libraries are unique and affordable. For more information, check out our website: