New Sound Library “(not) Just Another Whoosh Library” Now Available!

No, really! It’s not just another whoosh library! Editors will appreciate the natural sound processed sounds provided, as well as the original recordings so as to make the perfect custom whoosh you’re looking for. Props recorded include aluminum brooms, plastic rakes, boom poles, T-squares, window brackets, rope, flags, sticks, and various other swingables.

It is always our mission to create natural and super-natural sounds that either sound like an amazing recording of the thing itself, or a brand new sound without some phony add-on “effect”.

So with our 65 processed files in this library, we didn’t just run these sounds through flangers and phase-shifters such that they sound “processed”; we tried to create a natural “new” sound using various techniques.

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.
Format: 24/96kHz Wave (mono and stereo)

2. (not) Just Another Whoosh Library 1