We’ve just released nearly 100 sounds of an outboard motorboat recorded on a hot summer day in 2004.  Starts, idle, driving, maneuvering, stops, rocking, bobbing and tons of “over-the-side” POV for water and wave movement sounds.  We also purposely recorded the sound of running out of gas and not being able to start from several perspectives.  Originally this package was recorded for the purposes of an animated film we were working on, so some of the sounds are unusual perspectives, but there are plenty of “normal” sounds as well.

With the release date of 7/18/15, we are including it in our BASTEAL OF A DEAL DAYS of 25% off (50.00 regular price, $37.50 on sale), then we will extend the sale of this product only though 7/25/15 for $37.50.  After that, it will go up to the regular $50.

1. Outboard Motorboat 01