Bastille Day Sale!

We’re celebrating Bastille Day!! Why? We’re not French. We’re not even European. But we love the French and it’s fun to celebrate any holiday, so, hey, why not?!?! That’s why we’re announcing the FIRST EVER Occasionally Annual Undertone Library Bastille Day Sale.

We’re inviting you to storm this BASTEAL of a Deal which will last for 1 week only. Sale is live NOW as it is 14 Juillet in France (so a little more than a week).

25% off ALL Libraries and a bundle of FREE Sounds (that include a few things from the released libraries and a few things soon to be released).

Coupon Code: BASTILLE
(Only needed for the 25% discount. No coupon needed for Free.)

Also, we’ve updated the site with several upcoming libraries that you can read about and audition the demos. Check it out!